Treatment options - Metabolism & Glands

  • Kidney stones

    Painful colic? This can be caused by kidney stones. Our specialists at Schoen Clinic have many years of experience in treating kidney stones. With effective therapies, we take targeted action against the stones. 
  • Pancreatic cancer

    Pancreatic cancer: Every year, around 13,000 people in Germany fall ill with a malignant tumour in the pancreas. The only treatment with a chance of recovery is the complete surgical removal of the tumour. Thanks to years of experience, we at Schoen Clinic can offer you the best possible treatment for your individual situation.
  • Renal failure

    In Germany, about 91,000 people suffer from chronic renal failure (renal insufficiency). Approximately 17,000 affected persons are added to the number every year. At Schoen Clinic, we have many years of experience in the diagnosis and individual treatment of this disease.