Spinal canal stenosis – our therapy

A narrowing of the spinal canal, medically known as spinal canal stenosis, can occur in all areas of your spine, especially in the lumbar spine and cervical spine, and can cause you symptoms such as radiating pain, sensory disturbances as well as coordination and gait disorders. The treatment of spinal canal stenosis belongs in the hands of absolute specialists. At our Spine Centre in Neustadt, certified as a centre of excellence, you will be treated by internationally experienced and renowned experts. They will help you if conservative measures, such as painkillers and physiotherapeutic exercises, do not permanently reduce your pain. In particular, if you experience numbness or paralysis or if the symptoms significantly impair your quality of life, surgery is the necessary treatment for your spinal canal stenosis. Spinal canal stenosis can only be cured with surgery. Wherever possible, our surgeons use gentle, minimally invasive and microsurgical surgical procedures so that you can quickly start your follow-up treatment following your surgery.

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods for the cervical spine

Surgical treatment methods for the thoracic spine

Surgical treatment methods for the lumbar spine


General information about Spinal canal stenosis

Spinal canal stenosis is a painful narrowing of the spinal canal. You can find out everything about the causes & symptoms here.