Scoliosis or kyphosis – our treatment

The highly specialised Scoliosis Centre at Schoen Clinic Neustadt is one of the largest facilities in Germany for the treatment of scoliosis and kyphosis. Our experienced and internationally renowned spine specialists are at your disposal for your therapy and will guide you through the process of your treatment. If conservative therapies, such as special exercises from physiotherapy (e.g. Schroth therapy) or a brace no longer help you during the growth phase, surgery for scoliosis or kyphosis is a sensible long-term treatment in the case of pronounced forms with further potential for the progression of the deformity. The aim of any therapy is to prevent the development of severe forms and possible relevant health consequences such as pain, further progression of the deformity and impairment of the cardiovascular system. Our spine surgeons have decades of clinical and scientific expertise in the surgical treatment of scoliosis or kyphosis, which you can rely on.

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods


General information about Scoliosis or kyphosis

Scoliosis is a lateral twisting of the spine, kyphosis a bending of the spine. More about the causes and symptoms here.