Herniated disc – our treatment

When it comes to treating your herniated disc – whether it is in the cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine – you are in the best of hands with our specialists at Schoen Clinic Neustadt: The certified Spine Centre has received several awards as the top hospital for spinal surgery in Germany. You can rely on the top medical quality of your herniated disc treatment. Our experts will recommend the most suitable therapy for you on the basis of a detailed examination and diagnosis during their consultation. If conservative measures, such as drugs or physiotherapeutic exercises, do not help you sufficiently against your pain in the long term, surgery may be a suitable treatment for your herniated disc. If you already have symptoms of paralysis or spinal cord damage, timely intervertebral disc surgery is indicated to create the best possible conditions for a recovery of these limitations and to prevent further negative consequences. Wherever possible, our nationally and internationally recognised specialists will operate on you using minimally invasive and microsurgical surgical procedures so that you can recover quickly from your intervertebral disc surgery.

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods for the cervical spine

Surgical treatment methods for the thoracic spine

Surgical treatment methods for the lumbar spine


General information about Herniated disc

Herniated disc – when intervertebral discs slip: Information on symptoms, causes and diagnosis of this spinal disease.