Spinal fracture – our treatment

A spinal fracture is a serious injury that requires prompt and competent treatment in order to prevent negative long-term effects on your health. The causes of a spinal fracture are diverse, ranging from injuries caused by sports or accidents to fractures that can occur without adequate trauma, for example with osteoporosis. The back specialists in our Spine Centre in Neustadt, which has been awarded as a national top hospital by the German magazine ‘Focus Health’, have extensive experience in treating spinal fractures. Their goal is always to provide you with the best possible treatment recommendations to restore the resilience of your spine, relieve pain and prevent possible long-term effects. Depending on the cause, localisation and form of the fracture, conservative measures such as brace therapy may be possible. However, surgery can also be the sensible or even necessary treatment for a spinal fracture in order to achieve these goals. Our spine surgeons use state-of-the-art surgical procedures for your spinal fracture surgery. The necessary procedure, the subsequent recovery time and post-operative treatment depend on your individual requirements, the type of spinal fracture and the therapeutic measures taken.

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods


General information about General fractures

A vertebral fracture is a fracture of the spine. You can read more about the causes, symptoms and diagnosis of a vertebral fracture here.