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Internationally renowned back specialists on the Baltic Sea

The Spinal Centre at Schoen Clinic Neustadt is one of the leading national and international institutions for the treatment of back pain. Whether your lower-back pain is due to injuries, instabilities, malformations or signs of wear and tear – our experienced spine specialists on the Baltic Sea will provide you with individual and holistic care based on thorough diagnostics using state-of-the-art and partly Nobel Prize-winning medical equipment.

With more than 300 patients treated per year, our specialised scoliosis centre is one of the largest and most experienced facilities for this clinical picture in Germany. Our spinal surgery department also has particular expertise in treating neurosurgical diseases and inflammatory diseases of the spine.  

Our spine specialists for Neustadt, Kiel and Lübeck can often help you with back pain without a spinal operation. However, if a surgical intervention is necessary, they use gentle minimally invasive procedures wherever possible.

Spinal surgery at the highest level

According to the magazine Focus-Gesundheit, our Spinal Centre on the Baltic Sea is one of the best facilities for spinal surgery in Germany. You can rely on the high medical quality of your treatment at our Spinal Centre.

Specialised scoliosis centre on the Baltic Sea

Our specialised scoliosis centre enjoys an excellent reputation both nationally and internationally for the treatment of patients with different causes and manifestations of this disease. Experience, empathy and scientific expertise – these are what characterise our spine specialists.

Individual treatment for back pain

At the Consulting and Therapy Centre for Spinal Diseases Hamburg, our internationally renowned spine specialists will advise you in detail and in partnership at the highest level. Their goal: To give you an individual treatment recommendation following the consultation.

Neurosurgical spinal surgery

Our neurosurgical back specialists operate, for example, on congenital malformations in the spinal canal and tumours of the spinal cord. As a patient with a clinical picture of this kind, you can rely on the highly specialised expertise at our Spinal Centre. 

Nobel Prize-winning diagnostic procedure for back pain

As the only provider in Northern Germany, our Spinal Centre on the Baltic Sea uses the Nobel Prize-winning EOS technology to diagnose the causes of your back pain and monitor results following a spinal operation. 

Special range of treatments for Parkinson’s patients with back pain

Many Parkinson’s patients suffer from back pain in the course of this chronic, progressive disease. Our spine specialists work closely with their colleagues in neurology to help you holistically.

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Your spine specialists for Neustadt, Kiel and Lübeck

The back specialists at our Spinal Centre on the Baltic Sea are among the world’s leading and most experienced spine experts. Their research activities are internationally recognised and published. They are in close contact with back consultants from Germany and abroad. Their goal: To treat your back pain in the best possible way and thus improve your quality of life.