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Hospital for Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery

Joint specialists in northern Germany

Your joint specialists in the north

Welcome to our clinic for orthopaedics and trauma surgery. In addition to established endoprosthetics (artificial joint replacement), our range of treatments include emergency care, reconstruction and treatment of broken bones and joint injuries through to sports orthopaedics and minimally invasive keyhole surgery. We therefore offer you comprehensive, holistic therapy for diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system.

From emergency care to joint replacement

Modern equipment and qualified joint specialists

Significant medical advances have been made in orthopaedics and trauma surgery in the past few decades. We pursue this progress at Schoen Clinic in Neustadt by making modern technologies available to our specialists. Our operating theatres therefore meet the newest medical technical standards. For you as a patient, that means: low risk and the highest possible success of treatment.

The close cooperation of our specialists also makes it possible to offer a complex treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Specialised team

  • Endoprosthetics (artificial joint replacement) hip, knee and shoulder joint, for instance, with short-shaft prostheses and minimally invasive incisions
  • Sports orthopaedics and arthroscopic (minimally invasive) surgery
  • Trauma surgery
  • Employer’s liability treatment
  • Geriatric traumatology
  • Specialist centre for hand, breast and plastic surgery

Excellent medical quality

Focus TOP Ortho national and regional seal
Focus TOP Ortho national and regional seal

Orthopaedics in Focus

We are one of the leading orthopaedic clinics in the country. The repeated awards from the magazine, Focus Gesundheit, have confirmed this for years. Top-notch medicine at the highest level - that’s what makes our orthopaedics department stand out.

Certified artificial joint expertise

Our hospital has been continuously certified as a “Maximum treatment endoprosthetics centre” by the expert association, EndoCert, since 2013. This test seal confirms the highest level of quality in care for patients with artificial joint replacement. You can therefore be certain you will always receive the best possible care before, during and after the operation.

Certified artificial joint expertise
EndoCert certificate
Certified care of severely injured persons

Certified care of severely injured persons

When medically treating severely injured persons, prompt first aid at the accident site is not the only important factor; the clinical care of the patient at a competent trauma clinic is also crucial for the future prognosis and success of treatment. As a local trauma centre, we are certified by the expert association which confirms the high quality of our emergency care.

Older patients in the best hands

Falls can easily result in broken bones and other injuries and complications in older people, the consequences of which can range from permanent limitations to requiring care. Therefore, older people require holistic and interdisciplinary treatment. At our certified geriatric traumatology centre, which we operate in cooperation with the St. Elisabeth Hospital in Eutin, patients who have undergone trauma surgery are treated by consultants from various specialities as well as specially trained nurses and therapists from a variety of disciplines from both hospitals. The goal is for you to maintain as much independence as possible and assist you in returning home.

Older patients in the best hands

Modern and comfortable endoprosthetic concepts

Mobile more quickly after joint replacement surgeries

The Schoen Clinic Endo Active Program was developed specially for patients who receive an artificial hip or knee joint. The primary goal is for patients to become mobile more quickly after an artificial joint implantation and thus become independent. This way, you can return to your everyday professional and private life.

Our specialists have special expertise in two-sided endoprosthetics, simultaneous implantation of two hip or knee joints in a single surgery.

The benefits at a glance:

  • comprehensive consultation and information prior to the operation and preparation tips
  • gentle anaesthesia procedure and minimally invasive surgical techniques
  • customised pain therapy
  • mobilisation starting on the day of the operation
Schoen Clinic Neustadt

Intensive care and rehab under one roof

After, for instance, an endoprosthetic surgery, orthopaedic patients have the option of undergoing follow-up treatment at our Clinic for Orthopaedic Rehabilitation. Located directly on a Baltic Sea beach, our centre offers a comprehensive range of therapeutic treatments.


University Clinic Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg-Eppendorf

During the summer semester, an examination course for the clinical semester is conducted once a week with our specialist consultants in the orthopaedic trauma surgery department at our clinic. Here, the students have the opportunity to learn the fundamental orthopaedic and trauma surgical examination techniques under real conditions. In addition, orthopaedic and trauma surgical lectures are held by our chief consultants at the University Clinic Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg-Eppendorf.

In the framework of the last year of studies, the students have the opportunity to complete a practical year in the orthopaedics department at Schoen Clinic in Neustadt. They will get familiar with the clinics for orthopaedics and trauma surgery, spinal surgery and rehabilitative orthopaedics. Medical residents are also welcome.

Children’s Centre Pelzerhaken

Every 14 days, an interdisciplinary meeting is held with our senior consultants, the paediatricians from the Children’s Centre, Orthopädietechnik Bauche and the physical therapists. If needed, additional meetings are agreed upon to perform diagnoses or provide treatment at our clinic.

St. Elisabeth Hospital in Eutin

Particularly older patients often require more time and more intensive care to get back on their feet after an operation. Together with our cooperation partners, on the basis of performing mutual rounds and shared competences, we offer our older patients in particular, the opportunity to find their way back into their everyday life based on their circumstances.