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Exam and consultation

The definition of a suitable treatment based on a comprehensive examination of and consultation with the patients by an experienced specialist. Due to the comprehensive range, we offer special consultation hours for all injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Our consultation hours

Examination and appointments

A comprehensive exam will be performed at our clinic during our consultation hours. Our consultants will talk to you about which treatment alternatives are available for your disease. If an operation is necessary, the details and potential risks will be explained to you in an informative conversation. After the admission and operation date have been set, you will speak to the anaesthesiologist.

We offer the following special consultation hours.

Appointments available only upon agreement.

Our special consultation hours:

  • Endoprosthetics
  • Sports orthopaedics and arthroscopic surgery
  • Trauma surgery
  • Shoulder and elbow surgery
  • Hand, breast and plastic surgery
  • Employer’s liability consultation hours (D consultant, employer’s liability treatment)
  • Foot consultation: Thursday 9.00 - 13.00 (every 2 weeks)

Your path to us:

Inpatient admission only possible on the day of the operation

The day before your schedule operation, you come to our clinic and will be prepared for the operation scheduled for the next day. The bureaucratic formalities are taken care of, a medical and x-ray exams are performed and blood is taken and additional exams, if necessary, are performed on that day. You will also receive additional information about the operation and planned aftercare.

If during our appointment or while preparing for the operation, we determine there are medical reasons that require you to be admitted for inpatient care the day before the operation, you will be directly admitted to one of our wards. If there are no medical limitations, you can leave the clinic at 3:30 pm and spend a relaxed night at home before the operation.

If the distance to home is too far, we will book a hotel in the area for you. Of course, we will organise transport to the hotel and back to the clinic.