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Hospital for Orthopaedics Rehabilitation

Top-notch orthopaedic aftercare

Do you want to complete a highly qualified orthopaedic rehabilitation directly on a beach on the Baltic Sea? Then you are in the right place at our facility. Our focus is on aftercare after operations on the musculoskeletal system, in particular, for patients operated on in house who received an artificial hip or knee joint or after major spinal surgeries. The excellent quality of our hospital not only receives constant praise from patients, but also expert committees and cost carriers. The close interrelationship between acute medicine and rehabilitation medicine under one roof is a benefit for all patients. Of course, we also offer you outpatient and partial inpatient options.

We support you on your path back to an active life

You can utilise the full range of conservative orthopaedic measures

Functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system restrict you in your everyday life. After an operation, targeted aftercare is crucial for good, permanent results. That is why our goal is to restore your physical abilities. To this end, we create a therapy program that is customised to you based on personal and international experience. All of the professional groups work hand-in-hand on your recovery. We treat you and show you how you can contribute toward your recovery yourself. This helps you gain confidence and surety in your everyday life.

Our focal points:

  • Aftercare after orthopaedic operations of any kind, in particular, after joint replacement surgeries and spinal surgeries.
  • Aftercare after operations and functional disorders as a result of accident and injury consequences.
  • Conservative treatment of degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system, in particular, spinal diseases
  • Aftercare after sports injuries
  • Treatments in the framework of care with orthopaedic aids such as prosthetics (for instance gait training)
  • Aftercare for malignant tumour diseases in the musculoskeletal system

Feel comfortable at our therapy centre

Whether training on equipment or practising relaxation techniques, doing walking exercises on various floor types in our clinic’s courtyard or taking courses in the exercise pool, the provision of aids, massages or electrotherapy, the therapists, social services staff, psychologists and orthopaedic mechanic work hand-in-hand for you at our therapy centre: Your goal: Improve your mobility and reduce pain so you can become independent again quickly and return to your everyday life.

An overview of the therapies:

  • Physiotherapy (individual and group therapy) including exercises in the exercise pool
  • Physical therapies and applications
  • Occupational therapy
  • Diet and nutritional consulting
  • Psychological service
  • Social service
  • Provision of orthopaedic aids
  • Counselling

Special offer for golfers

Do you want to swing the golf clubs again after joint replacement surgery? In the framework of a special golf physiotherapy, we will gladly show you how to adjust your golf swing at our clinic’s own putting green.

Excellent quality

Certified rehabilitation facility

You can count on our medical therapeutic quality: Our orthopaedic rehabilitation has been certified in accordance with the standards of the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft für Rehabilitation (BAR (National Association for Rehabilitation)). This RehaSpect seal of quality is based on an internationally recognised standard.

Image certificate RehaSpect
Focus seal for Ortho. Rehab

Top rehabilitation in Focus

The magazine, Focus Gesundheit, has repeatedly honoured our orthopaedic rehabilitation clinic as a top rehabilitation facility in Germany and thus recognised the excellent quality our patients reflect.