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Hospital for Neurology and Clinical Neurophysiology

Neurological expertise in the northern Germany

Neurological expertise in the north

A central purpose of our neurological clinic is the emergency care of patients with neurological diseases. These include, in particular, strokes, epilepsies, inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system and vertigo syndromes. The basis of providing you the best possible care is our close cooperation with other specialist departments. At our certified Parkinson’s’ centre, you can get help with dealing with this chronic disease. We also have comprehensive expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular diseases as well as epilepsies and dementia illnesses.

From emergency treatment through to treating chronic diseases

Interdisciplinary cooperation

Our specialist team has been treating neurological emergency patients and people with chronic neurological diseases at Schoen Clinic in Neustadt for more than a decade. The interdisciplinary exchange between our colleagues in the cardiology/internal medicine, vascular surgery, radiology departments as well as orthopaedists and spinal surgeons ensures that you will receive comprehensive and optimum treatment.

Our focal points:

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Neuromuscular diseases such as polyneuropathy
  • Stroke treatment in a certified special ward (stroke unit)
  • Epilepsy
  • Dementia illnesses

Focus on Parkinson’s disease

Certified specialised Parkinson’s clinic Expertise for your quality of life

Our goal is to improve the quality of life and independence of Parkinson’s patients. Our team of consultants, nurses and therapists is specialised in the careful diagnosis and treatment of the complex physical, psychological and cognitive symptoms that accompany Parkinson’s. In our holistic treatment approach, the Parkinson’s complex treatment, we combine drug treatment with an intensive rehabilitative treatment, activating therapies such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, physical therapies and relaxation training.

Our particular specialisation is in preventing or reducing Parkinson’s-related damage to the musculoskeletal system. By applying a coordinated drug treatment and effective pain therapy, in close cooperation with our orthopaedists and spinal surgeons, we treat patients with misalignments and unequal load bearing and thus, in many cases, avoid back surgery.

A special fall prevention program rounds out our range of treatment options.

Our treatment modules:

  • Parkinson’s complex treatment with comprehensive activating therapies
  • Focus on the back and joints
  • Focus on fall prevention
  • Pump therapy and deep brain stimulation
  • Neuropsychology and support for relatives

Focus on neuromuscular diseases

Help with afflicted nerves and muscles

As one of the largest centres in Northern Germany, we have specialised in the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular diseases. Every year, we treat hundreds of patients with diseases of the nerves (for instance polyneuropathy), muscles (myopathies) and disrupted neuromuscular signal transmission between the nerve and muscle (myastheny). To this end, we are capable of performing all neurophysiological examination procedures and have special lab diagnostic equipment including a cerebrospinal fluid lab, muscle/nerve biopsy, lactate ischemia test, muscle MRI, neuromuscular ultrasound and more. You can undergo these comprehensive and complex diagnostics in the framework of a short inpatient stay. A special focal point, in cooperation with our clinic for spinal surgery, is diagnosing radicular syndromes and spinal cord diseases. We are part of the certified Hamburg Muskelzentrum (Hamburg Muscle Centre) in the event of neurological issues. You, as our patient, benefit from this expertise because we work faster than average and with a higher success rate when searching for the cause of your illness.

Focus on stroke treatment

Certified Stroke Unit

Certified special unit

In the event of a stroke, every second counts with respect to the patient’s further prognosis and quality of life. We are very well prepared for this emergency situation. We have set up our own special stroke unit connected to our emergency outpatient care centre. In this special unit, an interdisciplinary team consisting of neurologists and specially trained nurses and therapists takes care of our patients around the clock. We perform comprehensive, systematic thrombolyses here. For treatment using a catheter-supported, mechanical thrombectomy, we cooperate with the University Clinic Schleswig-Holstein’s Lübeck campus..

Focus on epilepsy:

Rhythm disorder in the brain

With our focus on epilepsy, we have the necessary expertise and special diagnostic techniques to reliably diagnose and knowledgeably treat any form of epilepsy. Our experienced specialist consultants for epileptology, neurology, neuropsychology and radiology as well as specially trained therapists and nurses work together in an interdisciplinary team. From the acute treatment of epileptic seizures to clarifying undiagnosed epilepsies through to life-long epilepsy therapy, we ensure our patients receive the optimum treatment. In addition to the usual epilepsy diagnostic equipment such as electroencephalography (EEG) with provocation methods, we also perform 24-hour EEGs and polygraphics. We also have the option of performing a 64-channel video EEG with dual-image recording for improved diagnostic determination of the form of epilepsy. This is, for instance, also interesting for patients who suffer from unidentified night-time movement disorders (such as restless legs syndrome).