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Hospital for Internal Medicine and Cardiology

Your internal organs in the best hands

Internal medicine is a central field in medicine. Diseases of various organ systems are often directly connected which makes a comprehensive perspective important. Still, establishing certain focal points is important to precisely diagnose and specifically treat individual organ diseases. A major specialisation of the cardiology department at Schoen Clinic in Neustadt is the diagnosis and treatment of acute cardiovascular diseases such as cardiac insufficiency, heart attacks and arrhythmias. And, of course, we cooperate closely on an interdisciplinary basis with other in-house specialist departments, for instance, surgery, neurology, orthopaedics and the emergency outpatient team.

Focus on internal medicine

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Ideally, we won’t hear from you. If they are healthy, our organs largely work in the background. We don’t deal with them in detail until problems arise. Then, experienced specialists are needed to diagnose and treat the often related diseases of different organs.

Our focal points:

  • Digestive system diseases (gastroenterology)
  • Diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases (cardiology)
  • Endocrinal gland diseases (endocrinology)
  • Cancer and blood diseases (oncology/haematology)
  • Infections, including sepsis
  • Internal medicine intensive care

Interdisciplinary tumour centre

People who are diagnosed with cancer required quick, competent and understanding help. At our interdisciplinary tumour centre, our experts are there for you: Specialists from our clinic for internal medicine and cardiology work hand-in-hand with specialists from the clinic for general, abdominal and vascular surgery, supported by specialists from the radiology, oncology, pathology and radiation therapy departments. Our goal: To treat you comprehensively and individually as a cancer patient and thus achieve the best possible treatment results for you. This includes aftercare which is coordinated during your inpatient stay. Our outpatient pain department will also provide you individual care. When needed, we also offer you psychological counselling and support to prepare for further at-home care.

Focal area cardiology

Your heart in the spotlight

Heart diseases are increasing more and more in our population. We have therefore significantly expanded our diagnostic and therapeutic range for cardiovascular problems: We diagnose and treat all heart diseases at our cardiac catheter lab. This includes, in particular, emergencies such as heart attacks, cardiogenic shock or severe arrhythmias.

Because every second counts in an emergency, we have made architecture a medical aid at our newly erected cardiac catheter lab: Short distances between the emergency room and cardiac catheter lab make it possible for us to provide efficient and professional medicine.

Our treatment focal points at a glance:

  • Coronary heart diseases: High blood pressure (hypertonia), heart failure (cardiac insufficiency), arrhythmias (for instance auricular fibrillation)
  • Heart attack
  • Pathological changes in the coronary vessels and peripheral arteries (“intermittent claudication”)
  • Vertigo and loss of consciousness (syncope) in cooperation with the clinic for neurology and neurophysiology

We offer:

  • Invasive cardiological services with a cardiac catheter exam of the heart and the vessels in the vicinity and periphery of the heart

  • Complete spectrum of treatment of arrhythmias

    • Defibrillator treatments
    • Pacemakers
  • Performing cardiac CT and cardiac MRIs (including stress tests)

Certified special clinic for chest pain

If you have chest pain, quick action is extremely important to clarify whether it is an emergency, for instance a heart attack. As the only hospital in Ostholstein county, we are certified as a “Chest Pain Unit in accordance with DGK criteria”. This seal of quality from the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kardiology (German Association for Cardiology) for special clinics for chest pain proves that this clinic meets the highest quality standards for emergency care of patients with unexplained chest pain. Patients with a heart attack can thus be quickly treated which may save their life.

Cardiac insufficiency excellently treated

Do you suffer from a cardiac insufficiency? Then you are in great hands with us: We are only of eleven specialised clinics nationwide that is certified as a “Heart Failure Unit”. You can rely on the highest quality of medical treatment.

Range of services: Your health check

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As a special service, we offer you a customised health check adapted to your personal health risk.

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