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Specialised Centre for Hand, Breast and Plastic Surgery

Your experts for hand surgery in the north

The specialist centre for hand, breast and plastic surgery offers you a diverse range of treatment options. We are focused on restoring and improving lost functions and the exterior shape of the body, depending on the illness or injury, in the event of age-related changes or congenital deformities. The subject-related focus of our expert team is on hand surgery. After operations on the hand, we support you, in cooperation with our partners, with physiotherapeutic and occupational therapeutic aftercare.

Range of treatment options and expertise

Highly-specialised care

Arthroses, fractures and other injuries and diseases can result in severe functional limitations in the hand if they are not treated or are improperly treated. At our Centre for Hand Surgery at Schoen Clinic in Neustadt, we are specialised in all illnesses and injuries to the most important “tool” man possesses. Our hand surgeons have the necessary experience to work with you to find the best possible therapy. We want you to be able to fully use your hand or arm again. We are available you 24 hours a day in case of emergency. Every day.

In the field of breast surgery our specialists offer medically necessary operations to change the size, shape or symmetry of the breasts. This includes reductions, in particular in the event of static deformities, and corrections of scars and defects. Modern, gentle surgical procedures that leave minimal scarring are applied. Based on the special expertise and equipment at our specialist centre, we offer you lipofilling (filling in defects using your own fatty tissue).

Plastic surgery is an overarching surgical discipline: it’s goal is to improve or restore body shapes and functions, for instance, after tumour operations, deformities or an accident. Operations that serve to improve the exterior appearance are also included in this surgical speciality.

Our experts at the specialist centre for hand, breast and plastic surgery unite the skills from these surgical disciplines and thus offer you highly specialised care.

Our focal points:

  • Hand surgery:
    • inflammatory and degenerative diseases, deformities, nerve constriction syndrome, tumours
    • injuries, consequences of injuries
    • reconstructions with tendon and nerve grafts
    • rheumatic changes
  • Breast surgery:
    • Reduction mammaplasties (breast reduction)
    • Breast reconstruction and scar corrections using lipofilling
  • Plastic surgery:
    • in the event of chronic wounds
    • preventive intervention in the event of endoprosthetic risk patients
    • after defect and scar-generating injuries
    • in the event of benign and malignant tumours
    • plastic-reconstructive operations in the event of combined injuries to bones and soft tissue

Focus on hand surgery

Your hands in safe hands

Your hands are your most important tools. Illnesses or injuries can limit or even completely suspend their functionality. To restore the specific abilities of your hand, our specialists rely on comprehensive knowledge in surgical and conservative hand surgery. They therefore use modern micro-surgery techniques to reconstruct the most delicate nerves and blood vessels. The impact of plastic surgery on hand surgery can be seen particularly in the surgical technique: Whenever possible, our experts make small, tissue-preserving incisions that only leave minimal scarring. Due to the high level of specialisation of our specialist centre, your hand problems can be treated optimally. The healing process can start quickly.

Many hand operations can be performed on an outpatient basis at our specialised centre.

Our range of treatment options:

  • Arthrosis (hand, thumb saddle and finger joint arthrosis)
  • Deformities such as Dupuytren’s contracture
  • Changes in the hand
  • Fractures and injuries
  • Nerve compressions
  • Bone tumours, bone necroses
  • Chronic wounds

Special surgical techniques for hand diseases

Based on a variety of research findings from our experts, we have developed a special surgical technique for Dupuytren’s contracture at our specialist centre. With this technique, tumours can be removed as close to the affected skin as possible. This shuts off the cells in the diseased connective tissue with the highest growth rate to prevent disease recurrence.

In the event of arthrosis of the second knuckle, we use plastic joints. Via special incisions (dermal incisions on the side), the plastic joints can be implanted without injuring the extensor and retractor tendons. With this technique, which we scientifically researched and tested, you can move your finger again after only three days. We can also surgically treat the symptoms resulting from thumb saddle joint arthrosis (rhizarthrosis) by means of an “arthroplasty”, in this case, without a plastic joint.

Chronic wounds optimally treated

Concentrated expertise at the wound centre

Chronic wounds can arise as a result of arterial or venal circulation disorders in the legs and can arise after longer periods of being bed-ridden on the back or coccyx or after extensive injuries to the skin. Diabetics are particularly at risk of developing wounds that will not heal on their feet. Chronic infections of the bone, for instance after war injuries, can also have open wounds for decades after.

At the wound centre, you can find help: Our experts will treat you with the newest surgical procedures and with modern bandaging materials and techniques. The goal is to help you recover quickly and be able to handle your everyday life independently. For the necessary aftercare, our clinic cooperates closely with resident consultants and participating outpatient care facilities via the wound centre. That provides you maximum comfort and treatment reliability.