Dancing with Parkinson’s

A series of events for patients and their families

If you have Parkinson’s or are close to someone who does, you are cordially invited to the dance classes that regularly take place in our clinic in Neustadt. Our work on and with the body core, posture, weight transfer on the spot and moving in the space all promote safety and smoothness in all types of movement transitions. This also helps to minimise the risk of falling. The step combinations that you maybe already know from ballroom dances (e.g., tangos and waltzes), step dances, circle dances and improvisation are precisely what contribute to training muscle memory, improving body awareness and supporting the exchange between stability and mobility. Overall dance promotes creativity and self-awareness: Hey, I can do this... it’s fun... I’m not alone with this illness... we are strong together.

Aktueller Hinweis

Bis auf Weiteres finden die Tanzkurse nicht statt.

Dates in 2018

Dance classes for patients and their families take place every other week, on Tuesdays from 5 pm - 6pm in the clinic’s large conference room.

  • 21 August
  • 4 September
  • 18 September
  • 2 October
  • 16 October
  • 6 November
  • 20 November
  • 4 December
  • 18 December