Shoulder arthrosis – our treatment

With increasing age, many people develop painful arthrosis in the shoulder, also known medically as omarthrosis. You can prevent shoulder arthrosis with various measures, such as a balanced diet, special exercises or even sport. However, omarthrosis itself cannot be cured. If conservative treatments for your shoulder arthrosis are no longer sufficient to give you sufficient pain-free mobility, surgery to treat your omarthrosis is advisable. Depending on the condition of the rotator cuff, different prosthesis models are used (anatomical shoulder prosthesis, inverse shoulder prosthesis). Our doctors at Schoen Clinic Neustadt have extensive experience in the surgical treatment of shoulder arthrosis. They mainly use minimally invasive and tissue-conserving surgical techniques - even when implanting an artificial shoulder joint. You can rely on the expertise of our specialists in treating your shoulder arthrosis. 

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods

General information about Shoulder arthrosis

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