Rotator cuff tear – our treatment

Do you get pain in your shoulder joint during supposedly simple activities such as hanging up your jacket or combing your hair? Then you could be suffering from a rotator cuff tear. In our hospital in Neustadt an der Ostsee, our experts specialise in treating this condition. The first step is to diagnose exactly, which is often done via an MRI examination. Then our specialists will work with you to decide which treatment is right for you. In the case of minor injuries (partial tears/partial ruptures) of the shoulder tendon and minor complaints, conservative measures, such as targeted exercises from physiotherapy, can help you. However, if the rotator cuff tear is more severe (complete rupture), surgery is often a sensible treatment. The biceps tendon complex often shows additional changes, which then also require appropriate treatment. Depending on the stage of the rotator cuff tear, different reconstruction and tendon replacement procedures are suitable. Our experienced specialists in Neustadt use gentle arthroscopic surgical techniques wherever possible. As a result, after a rotator cuff tear surgery, you can start your aftercare and targeted physiotherapy exercises earlier.  

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods (arthroscopic/open)

General information about Rotator cuff tear

A rotator cuff rupture is a tendon tear in the shoulder. Discover more about causes, symptoms and diagnosis.