Humeral head fracture – our treatment

A humeral head fracture, i.e. a fracture of the upper arm, causes great pain and is a serious injury, especially for older people with previous illnesses. Our specialists at our hospital in Neustadt an der Ostsee specialise in treating humerus fractures and are at your disposal with their extensive experience. A humeral head fracture usually needs to be treated with surgery to restore the articular surface. In addition, a humeral head fracture is often associated with injuries to the so-called rotator cuff. The duration of the treatment and the healing process essentially depend on your individual requirements and your general state of health. Older and multimorbid patients especially often need a longer phase of regeneration after a humeral head fracture. Our hospital in Neustadt, which is certified as an old-age trauma centre, works closely with geriatric experts and can therefore respond to your special needs in your treatment. Your follow-up treatment after a humeral head fracture usually includes a program of different physiotherapy exercises that must be practiced consistently over a period of several months.

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods


General information about Humeral head fracture

The humeral head fracture is a fracture of the humeral head. Read more about the causes and symptoms of a humeral head fracture.