Frozen shoulder – our treatment

You are in excellent hands with our specialists at Schoen Clinic Neustadt when it comes to the treatment of your shoulder stiffness, medically known as frozen shoulder: Our experts will examine you in detail in a special consultation hour and give you a specific recommendation for the treatment of your frozen shoulder based on this diagnosis. A large proportion of this condition heals without consequences after passing through three typical stages. If conservative treatments such as physiotherapy or medication no longer adequately alleviate your symptoms, surgical treatment for your shoulder stiffness can be useful in certain stages of the condition. Our experts in Neustadt specialise in gentle methods of shoulder surgery. You can therefore quickly begin your rehabilitation in the form of physiotherapy after your frozen shoulder surgery. Our treatment goal in treating your frozen shoulder is always to enable you to be largely free of pain and fully mobile again. 

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods


General information about Frozen shoulder

A Frozen Shoulder causes a painful limitation of shoulder mobility. Read more about causes, symptoms and diagnosis.