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Information from A to Z


We ask that you vacate your room by 8:30 am at the latest on the day of departure. When you hand in your room key and treatment plans to a member of staff on the ward, you will be given the temporary discharge letter for the doctor who will be continuing your treatment.


It is not permitted to consume alcoholic beverages in the hospital.

Outpatient rehabilitation

Under certain conditions, rehabilitation treatment can also be carried out on an outpatient/day patient basis. This means that you sleep at home but come to our hospital or outpatient facilities that cooperate with us for several hours during the day for treatment. A quiet room is available to you for quiet periods between the individual treatments. You can also have lunch with us. You travel from your home to the hospital each day. This requires a sufficient level of mobility on your part and the journey time should be no longer than 45 minutes. Certain requirements must also be fulfilled on the part of the payer. If you are interested, please contact our staff in Patient Services or your ward doctor.


In our mutual interest, please do not travel with your own car, where possible, and let us know in good time whether you are bringing a companion with you. We will be expecting you between 11 am and 12 pm. Please report to patient admissions (left of the entrance, surgical building), where you will be given information on admission formalities, we will take care of your luggage and show you how to get to your room. You should bring the following clothing with you: Bathrobe, flip-flops, swimming trunks or swimming costume, if you wish, a towel, and trainers and a tracksuit.


Every Saturday, we offer you the possibility of travelling by taxi from Neustadt Schoen Clinic to the marketplace in Neustadt and back again free of charge. The meeting point is always at reception at 9:30 am. We have arranged the return journey to take place around midday so that you will return to Schoen Clinic Neustadt in time for your meal. If you would like to take part in the trip, please register at reception by Friday afternoon.

Bathrobe (only for comfort element “room with optional services”)

We will give you a bathrobe for the duration of your stay. Please talk to your Patient Care staff member about this. She will immediately issue you a bathrobe.


You can get cash at our reception: Minimum €50 and maximum €100 per day using your EC card and PIN number. Fee: €1.

Minimum €50 and maximum €300 per day using your VISA card or MasterCard with signature. Fee 3%, although at least €3.

Companion (only in rehabilitation)

It is possible for companions to hire an additional bed. They can be booked optionally with breakfast or full board. Mealtimes are spent with our patients in the patient dining room. You are welcome to get further information on this and on the availability of an additional bed from the staff at reception. The therapy pool is also available to you free of charge outside treatment times.

Visitors and visiting hours

In order to avoid any disturbance, please do not have any visitors during bed rest hours and at night between 10 pm and 6:30 am. Visiting hours may be restricted for medical reasons. Visitors cannot eat in the patient dining room. You can get drinks and snacks in our Schön Café.

Visiting service

Voluntary members of staff, called visiting service ladies, will visit you in our hospital on request. They look forward to talking with you, going for walks or playing games. Please contact our staff at reception or on your ward (you can find more information under the keyword “Pastoral care”).

Therapy pool

The therapy pool is available for you to use free of charge outside treatment times, following medical approval. Please find the opening hours displayed at the pool.


The library in the patient dining room is open daily from 7 am to 7 pm.

Flowers (delivery service)

A local florist will be happy to deliver bouquets, floral arrangements and floral decorations of all kinds for a cash payment. You can also find a small selection of bouquets in the racks near reception.


Do you have a problem with your glasses? An optician from Neustadt offers a free collection and delivery service to repair your glasses.

‘Schön Café’ cafeteria

Our Schön Café is open to you daily from 7 am to 5.30 pm. The cafeteria offers you a selection of kiosk items. Outside of the opening hours, you can use Schön Café as a lounge. Vending machines for drinks and snacks are available to you there at all times.

CD players/DVD players (only for comfort element “room with optional services”)

Your room is equipped with a DVD player (incl. CD-playing function). You can find a selection of audiobooks at reception.

Electrical equipment

We will give you televisions and radios to use. Due to fire regulations, it is prohibited to use your own electrical equipment. You can find washing machines, dryers and ironing facilities in the rooms provided. You can get an iron from reception free of charge.


The time of discharge in the rehabilitation clinic is generally determined a few days in advance. We base this on the achievement of rehabilitation goals while taking into account the assumption of costs. Before you are discharged, a final consultation takes place in which final questions can be answered. When you leave, you will be given a temporary doctor’s letter, which you can give to the doctor who will be continuing your treatment (see also Departure).

Food (only for comfort element “room with optional services”)

We offer you a daily choice between three whole-food dishes and one vegetarian alternative. Please observe the dietary rules from your doctor, where applicable. You are welcome to ask our service staff in the dining room for more information.

Fax service (only for comfort element “room with optional services”)

Would you like to send a fax? No problem: Our reception offers you a free fax service. We place incoming faxes in your mail box.


The remote control for your television is in your room. Please always leave it there.

Hairdryer (only for comfort element “room with optional services”)

Your bathroom is equipped with a hairdryer. You can also hire a hairdryer from reception.


In order to continually optimise our services for you, we would like to ask you to complete the “questionnaire on your hospital stay” at the end of your stay and to hand it in to reception or in the main corridor. As a thank you, you will be given a food and drink voucher, which you can redeem in the hospital cafeteria. You can also leave the questionnaire in the white letterbox near the post boxes.


Direct access to the beach offers you the ideal starting point for relaxing walks on the Baltic Sea beach.

Our events, which include free city tours, talks, entertainment programmes and various hobby courses, are held regularly. You can find more information about this displayed on the information boards in the main corridor and in front of the patient dining room.

The use of our therapy pool (if permitted by the doctor) is free of charge, even for companions.

For those of you who like sport, there is a putting green in the gardens (you can find more information under the keyword “Golf”).

We offer a free trip to Neustadt every Saturday. Departure is at 9:30 am in front of the main entrance, return by lunchtime. Please register at reception by Friday at the latest.


A hairdresser in the hospital caters to all your hairdressing needs so that you feel comfortable.

Lost & Found

We ask that you hand in and/or collect any lost items at reception.

Foot care

The hairdresser in the hospital also offers foot care. We keep a selection of free foot care and cosmetics addresses and telephone numbers for you at reception.

Money and valuables

Your room is equipped with a small safe. In the therapy pool, you have the option of using separate lockers. You can hand in larger sums of money and valuables at reception. We cannot assume any liability for the items you bring with you.

Drinks (only for comfort element “room with optional services”)

From Monday to Friday, your Patient Care staff member will bring various soft drinks to your room as refreshment free of charge. You are given mineral water free of charge every day.


For golfers and those interested in golf, we have created a putting green for pitching and chipping at the southern side of our gardens. You can hire the equipment (including ball collector so there is no need to bend down) for a deposit at reception. Our physiotherapists will be happy to advise you on all matters concerning sport-specific motion sequences.

Religious services

You can attend a service in the chapel at Schoen Clinic Neustadt (Protestant and Catholic in alternation) at 6 pm every Sunday. A weekly prayer meeting is held at 4 pm every Tuesday (please see the notices in the chapel). You can visit our chapel at any time for moments of reflection or prayer.


It is not permitted to bring pets, even for visiting purposes.

Internet access

Our hospital is equipped with a comprehensive Wi-Fi network, so that you can access the Internet wirelessly on your own laptop.

There are also several PCs available for you to use in front of the dining room. You can get your password and username from reception.

In order to connect to the Internet at Schoen Clinic Neustadt, you require a Wi-Fi-enabled laptop, mobile phone or tablet. You have to activate the Wi-Fi card in your device in order to connect to the network. If you are not automatically connected to the Internet, open the respective Wi-Fi connection assistant and look for the entry “SKInternet”, which you can usually connect to with a click. You do not have to enter a key here.

Please speak to the reception.


All treatments and examinations (apart from certain consultations) take place on our premises. It is advisable for you to bring a bathrobe, swimwear and towels, flip-flops, trainers and a tracksuit with you for making your way around the premises and for the treatments and therapies. We ask that you only walk around within the hospital in leisure or sports clothing and not in sleepwear. We also recommend that you bring a small rucksack with you.

Copying service (only for comfort element “room with optional services”)

Would you like to make a photocopy? Our reception offers you a free copying service.


We keep a selection of foot care and cosmetics addresses and telephone numbers for you at reception.

Refrigerator (only for comfort element “room with optional services”)

Your room is equipped with a refrigerator. This is filled with drinks by your Patient Care staff member free of charge from Monday to Friday.


As taking medications that you have brought with you can pose a significant risk to your health or your treatment success, we advise that you consult your ward doctor before taking such medications. Please order your private medications prescribed by the doctor from the nursing staff three days before you run out.


You have the option of using parking spaces for a charge. You can get information and prices for multi-day tickets from reception.


We naturally offer you the possibility of having your private post and newspapers sent to you at Schoen Clinic Neustadt. So that it is possible to clearly identify that the post is intended for a private person and your post is not opened by our central mailroom, please ensure that it is addressed as follows:

First name and surname, room number, Schön Klinik Neustadt, Am Kiebitzberg 10, 23730 Neustadt in Holstein.

Your post is placed in your mail box (your room number) in the basement, House 1, every day. You will find the key on your room key. You can obtain stamps from reception and a Deutsche Post post box can be found in the entrance hall.


You can also receive radio programmes via your television. If you have booked the comfort element “room with optional services”, your room is also equipped with a CD player and DVD player.


Smoking is not permitted in the building and throughout the hospital site, with the exception of the smokers’ pavilion. If you want to take your stay with us as an opportunity to quit smoking, please speak to our consultants so that we can support you.


Cleaning facilities are provided on the premises. See also “Laundry”.


If something in your room is faulty or does not function correctly, please inform our staff at reception. They will then notify our technical service.


Reception is open seven days a week from 7:30 am to 8:00 pm. See also “Opening hours”.

Swimming pool

See “Therapy pool”


A minister from each of the two major Christian denominations is available to assist you. You can contact the ministers via the nursing staff.

Snacks (only for comfort element “room with optional services”)

From Monday to Friday, the Patient Care staff member will bring you sweets and savoury biscuits as a small snack in your room.

Social service

The offices of the Social Service employees are located in ward 31. Please find the consultation hours on the notice on the office door. Every Wednesday, the Social Service offers an information talk on the subject of “severe disability”. If you would like to take part, please register with your ward doctors so that the appointment can be taken into account in your treatment plan.


Various board games and card games, audiobooks on CD and puzzles can be loaned free of charge from reception.


You can hire a telephone from reception for a charge. For outgoing calls, there is also a public coin-operated/card phone available to you in the entrance area.

Telephone charges

  • Standard service per day €2.50 (daily rental €1, telephone flat rate €1.50)
  • Comfort service per day €1.50

No further charges are incurred.


Coin-operated washing machines and tumble dryers with free washing detergent are available to you, along with ironing facilities in the basement, to the left of the entrance to the therapy pool. You can hire an iron from reception free of charge.

Newspaper (only for comfort element “room with optional services”)

You will be given a free regional daily newspaper each day; there are three newspapers to choose from.

Additional bed (only in rehabilitation)

It is possible for a companion to stay in your room. Please contact reception about this.