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Your specialists for metabolic disorders for Neustadt, Kiel and Lübeck

Metabolic disorders and diseases of the kidneys or pancreas are serious health problems that should be treated by experts. At our specialist Centre for the Metabolic System, we combine expertise from surgery and internal medicine.

Our team consists of experienced specialists from various disciplines: Internal medicine specialists, general and visceral surgeons, and other experts, for example from oncology and radiology, work together here on an interdisciplinary basis. Together, they take care of your individual complaints. Whether you suffer from kidney pain, pancreatic disease or a metabolic disorder, our team of experts will treat you according to the latest medical therapy standards.

Interdisciplinary Tumour Centre on the Baltic Sea

As a cancer patient, for example with a malignant disease of the pancreas, we treat you in an interdisciplinary and holistic manner in the metabolic system department of our Tumour Centre. As a patient with tumours, you are treated by experts from general and visceral surgery together with specialists from internal medicine. They are supported in this by experts from oncology, radiology, pathology and radiotherapy. Our goal: They treat you comprehensively and individually and thus achieve the best possible treatment result.

Operations using the keyhole technique

Our experts in the field of the metabolic system have many years of experience in gentle minimally invasive surgical procedures (keyhole technique). Highly specialised technical equipment in our modern surgical centre enables them to treat you based on the latest medical findings.

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Your specialists for the metabolic system for Neustadt, Kiel and Lübeck

Our experienced specialists from surgery, internal medicine and other medical specialties work together in our Centre for the Metabolic System – always with the aim of treating you comprehensively and achieving the optimum treatment result for you.

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