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Modern treatment of knee pain on the Baltic Sea

Knee pain and knee joint pain can significantly restrict you in your everyday life, whether at work or in your leisure time. Our supraregional Knee Centre for Neustadt, Kiel and Lübeck is one of the leading institutions in Germany for the treatment of knee pain. Our knee specialists have decades of clinical experience and scientific expertise in knee pain. Whether this pain is due to an acute injury or progressive wear and tear (arthritis), our knee orthopaedic surgeons always offer you therapy according to the latest medical standards and liaise with you to decide on the optimal treatment for you. If knee surgery is necessary, minimally invasive, arthroscopic surgical procedures that save soft tissue and bone are used wherever possible. The surgical spectrum ranges from joint-preserving knee surgery (ligament surgery, corrective osteotomy, cartilage therapy) to modern procedures to restore bone fractures and joint replacement.

Award-winning knee specialists

The magazine Focus-Gesundheit has again named the orthopaedics department at Schoen Clinic Neustadt as the Top National Hospital. Our Knee Centre on the Baltic Sea is one of the top facilities for orthopaedics in Germany.

Certified joint replacement during knee surgery

Our Knee Centre for Neustadt, Kiel and Lübeck has been continuously certified as a “Maximum Treatment Endoprosthetics Centre” for years. The expert association certifies that our hospital on the Baltic Sea has the highest quality level for knee surgery involving artificial joint replacement and that our knee orthopaedic surgeons have outstanding expertise.

Fit and mobile again more quickly following knee surgery

You want to return quickly to your professional and private everyday life following knee surgery in which an artificial knee joint has been implanted – this is why we developed the Schoen Clinic Endo Active programme. Our knee specialists will guide you through your treatment process right from the start.

Intensive care and rehab under one roof

After your knee surgery involving joint replacement, you have the opportunity to complete your orthopaedic rehabilitation directly at our Knee Centre in a fantastic location directly on the Baltic Sea

Knee pain caused by an accident or sports injury treated in a modern way

If you have acute knee pain or knee joint pain, you should consult an expert as soon as possible. Our knee experts specialise in treating knee injuries caused by an accident or sport. If a knee operation is necessary, they perform it as arthroscopically as possible, i.e. gently, with the aim of preserving as much cartilage and bone substance as possible. In the event of serious injuries, you will receive the best possible care in our certified trauma centre.

Older patients with knee pain in safe hands

Older patients with knee pain or joint pain often have an increased risk of falling, and bone fractures are often the result. Together with the Sankt Elisabeth-Krankenhaus, our Knee Centre on the Baltic Sea is certified by the expert association as an Elderly Trauma Centre (Alterstraumazentrum). You can thus be sure that our specialists will provide you with interdisciplinary and comprehensive care.

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Your knee specialists on the Baltic Sea

Our knee orthopaedic surgeons at the Knee Centre on the Baltic Sea are among the leading knee specialists in the north of Germany. They have been treating knee pain and knee joint pain for decades and work closely together with our experts from other specialist departments. Their goal: To give you the best possible medical care and get you back on your feet quickly.