Treatment methods

Individual treatment by our specialists

Here at Schoen Clinic, we have a wide range of treatment options to treat your symptoms individually. We have had good experience with Botox injections in the case of an irritable bladder (urge incontinence). Botox is injected into the bladder several times to seal it. As a rule, this method is associated with a two-day hospital stay. In addition to conservative incontinence treatments, we also perform surgical interventions, depending on the cause and symptoms. Our specialists in pelvic floor surgery have extensive experience, especially in minimally invasive procedures.

Surgical treatment methods

Incontinence treatment: surgical intervention

The majority of our surgical procedures are minimally invasive, i.e. the smallest incisions, faster wound healing and smaller scars.
Depending on the individual symptoms, a fine elastic net is inserted under the urethra or under the bladder to “hold” the organ. This method can also be very useful in cases of rectal prolapse. Our specialists operate on you in a manner that is gentle on the organs and nerves; blood loss is very rare. Your hospital stay is limited to a few days. 

In the case of a pronounced vaginal prolapse or relapses, open surgery is occasionally necessary. We proceed extremely carefully and gently here, too. An elastic band, which is anchored into firm structures in your pelvis, prevents any further lowering.

Incontinence treatment: targeted aftercare

At Schoen Clinic, we attach great importance to providing you with intensive aftercare. A particular focus lies on pelvic floor exercises and physiotherapy.