Hip dysplasia – our treatment for adults

Hip dysplasia is a hip deformity that is diagnosed in babies shortly after birth and is usually treated with conservative methods. A nationwide diagnosis and treatment of hip dysplasia has only been carried out in Germany for about 30 years, so that today many adults suffer from the long-term effects of untreated hip dysplasia. This especially includes arthrosis in the hip joint, which leads to pain with increasing wear. If physiotherapeutic exercises or special sports no longer provide you with sufficient mobility and freedom from pain, a hip dysplasia surgery can be useful for you. Our experts at Schoen Clinic Neustadt specialise in the surgical treatment of hip dysplasia in adults. You can fully rely on their decades of clinical experience and scientific expertise. After hip dysplasia surgery, you can complete your follow-up treatment in our orthopaedic rehabilitation hospital, which is located directly on the banks of the Baltic Sea.

Conservative treatment methods in adults

Surgical treatment methods in adults

Rehabilitation/Aftercare in adults

Orthopaedic rehabilitation on the Baltic Sea beach

After your hip dysplasia treatment, you have the possibility of completing your follow-up treatment in our Clinic for Orthopaedic Rehabilitation as an inpatient or day patient - and all this in a fantastic location directly on the Baltic Sea beach. Our orthopaedic rehabilitation offers you a comprehensive range of therapies, from physiotherapy and physical therapies to exercises in our exercise pool.

General information about Hip dysplasia

The origin, diagnosis and treatment of hip dysplasia - learn how our experienced specialists can help you or your baby.