Femoral neck fracture – Our treatment

A femoral neck fracture is a serious injury, especially for older people or people with previous illnesses. A femoral neck fracture is almost always treated by means of surgery. Depending on the patient's age, the femoral neck fracture can be screwed together with the aim of healing the femoral neck fracture. In older patients, however, the installation of a hip joint prosthesis is usually required. At Schoen Clinic Neustadt, trauma surgeons and orthopaedists work closely with specialists in geriatric trauma and geriatrics to provide you or your relatives with the best treatment for a femoral neck fracture. The aim is to sustainably restore your mobility after a femoral neck fracture and to avoid the need for long-term care. The decades of experience and expertise of our interdisciplinary team in treating femoral neck fractures will directly benefit you or your loved one. We will continue to support you even after surgery: We will organise the optimal rehabilitation for you, for example in the cooperating geriatrics department. In addition, our family care team will help you prepare for your return home, including organising any home care that may be necessary.

Surgical treatment methods


Orthopaedic rehabilitation on the Baltic Sea beach

After your femoral neck fracture treatment, you have the opportunity to complete your follow-up treatment in our clinic for orthopaedic rehabilitation. And that as an inpatient or semi-inpatient. Our orthopaedic rehabilitation offers you a comprehensive range of therapies, from physiotherapy and physical therapies to exercises in our exercise pool - and all this in a fantastic location directly on the Baltic Sea beach.

General information about Femoral neck fracture

Severe pain after a fall? A femoral neck fracture can be the cause. Learn more about the symptoms and diagnosis of this fracture.