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Your specialists for heart disease and vascular disease on the Baltic Sea

At our Heart and Vascular System Centre for Neustadt, Kiel and Lübeck, an internationally experienced team of internists/cardiologists, vascular surgeons, neurologists and radiologists will treat you if you suffer from a heart disease such as heart failure or a vascular disease. As a patient, you benefit from the combined expertise of our heart and vascular system specialists, who jointly take care of your symptoms – with state-of-the-art medical equipment and the latest treatment standards. 

In addition to acute clinical pictures of cardiology, such as a heart attack or pulmonary artery embolism, we specialise in treating chronic heart diseases. These are, for example, heart failure and cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure and cardiac arrhythmia. Vascular diseases such as the narrowing or occlusion of peripheral arteries (carotid artery, pelvic or leg arteries) and aortic aneurysms form the second major focus of care at our Heart and Vascular System Centre on the Baltic Sea. We offer you the entire range of modern, conservative, interventional and surgical treatments for vascular diseases here. 

Modern cardiac catheter laboratory to treat heart diseases

In our cardiac catheter laboratory, our specialists diagnose and treat all heart diseases – from emergencies such as heart attacks and severe cardiac arrhythmia to chronic heart failure.

Certified specialist hospital for chest pain

As the only hospital in the Ostholstein district, our Heart and Vascular System Centre is certified as a Chest Pain Unit by the German Cardiac Society. This quality seal for specialist chest pain hospitals confirms our high medical quality standards in the treatment of patients with non-specific chest pain.

Nationwide leading care for patients with heart failure

Our Heart and Vascular System Centre in the region for Neustadt, Kiel and Lübeck is certified as a Heart Failure Unit. Only a few hospitals in Germany offer this highly specialised area of focus. So if you are suffering from heart failure, you are in the best of hands with us. You can rely on the high medical quality of your treatment at our Heart and Vascular System Centre.

Minimally invasive surgery for vascular occlusions

Our specialists for vascular diseases specialise in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of vascular occlusions. Operations are performed on both short and long vascular constrictions and occlusions – using minimally invasive techniques wherever possible.

Modern treatment for an aortic aneurysm

The risk of an aortic aneurysm increases with age. If you are over the age of 60, you should have this checked by an ultrasound examination of your abdomen. At our Heart and Vascular System Centre, we offer you a special vascular surgery consultation. We check your vessels completely here and provide you with the best possible therapy, quickly if necessary.

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Your heart and vascular system specialists for Neustadt, Kiel and Lübeck

Whether an acute emergency, chronic heart disease or vascular disease: Our specialists at our Heart and Vascular System Centre on the Baltic Sea work together on an interdisciplinary basis. Supported by modern medical equipment, you can thus be treated comprehensively and optimally.