Hand osteoarthritis – our treatment

The hand is a human’s most important “tool”. With increasing age, painful joint degeneration (osteoarthritis) can occur in the knuckles of the hand or in the wrist. With a healthy diet, you can prevent wear and tear on your joints as a whole, but the osteoarthritis itself – whether in the hand or in other joints – is not curable. Initially, the treatment of osteoarthritis in the hand includes conservative measures such as special exercises from physiotherapy, wrist supports, medication or even home remedies such as compresses or wraps to relieve your symptoms. Surgery is a suitable treatment in cases of progressive osteoarthritis and the permanent pain or loss of function of the fingers or hand associated with this. Our highly specialised hand surgeons at Schoen Clinic Neustadt have comprehensive knowledge of the surgical treatment options for your osteoarthritis in the hand or wrist. You can rely on the expertise of our hand specialists.

Conservative treatment methods:

Surgical treatment methods

General information about Hand osteoarthritis

Hand osteoarthritis: Recognising symptoms and understanding causes. Information and help about hand osteoarthritis can be found here.