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Hand surgery at the highest level on the Baltic Sea

Whether an acute hand injury or chronic hand pain or finger pain due to arthritis: If you have problems with your hand, you should consult a hand specialist. Our Hand Centre at Schoen Clinic Neustadt directly on the Baltic Sea specialises in the diagnosis of hand diseases and hand surgery.

Our highly specialised team of hand surgeons looks back on many years of clinical experience and offers you medical care at the highest level. They treat all diseases of the hand and wrist from childhood to adulthood using microsurgical techniques wherever possible. A special focus at our Hand Centre lies on plastic reconstructive hand surgery: Our hand specialists use surgery to restore the function and shape of the hand, e.g. following hand injuries due to accidents, inflammatory degenerative diseases, tumours, chronic wounds and rheumatic changes.  

Micro-surgical hand surgery and special surgical techniques

Injuries of the hand, after accidents or illnesses, can limit or completely eliminate the functioning of a human being’s most important “tools”. Our experienced hand specialists on the Baltic Sea specialise in the surgical restoration of hand functions. They use state-of-the-art microsurgical procedures to reconstruct vessels and nerves and have scientifically developed their own very special surgical techniques for Dupuytren’s contracture and for replacing the second knuckle.

Optimal treatment for chronic wounds

Caring for patients with chronic wounds is a particular specialisation of our Hand Centre: Our plastic surgery experts have extensive experience and knowledge in the plastic covering of open wounds.

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Your hand specialists for the region between Neustadt, Kiel and Lübeck

Our experienced team of experts at the Hand Centre consists of hand surgeons and plastic surgeons who have years of clinical experience in the treatment of all hand pain, wrist pain, finger pain and hand injuries. You’re in good hands with your hand problems here.

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