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Foot pain and foot injuries in the best hands on the Baltic Sea

At our Foot and Ankle Centre in Neustadt on the Baltic Sea, a specialised team of experienced orthopaedic surgeons, trauma surgeons and vascular surgeons treats all conditions of the foot and ankle – from acute, accidental foot injuries to wear-related and chronic foot pain. 

Foot pain often has a variety of causes, which must be clarified and diagnosed in detail. In a special foot consultation, our foot and ankle specialists get to the bottom of your symptoms – for the best possible individual treatment. This can range from conservative treatments to foot surgery or ankle surgery. 

The comprehensive treatment spectrum offered by our experts also includes joint-preserving operations on the foot and ankle using modern cartilage therapy. Particular expertise distinguishes us in sports and trauma orthopaedics and diabetic foot surgery.

Your specialised orthopaedic surgeons for cartilage therapy

Foot pain is often caused by foot injuries or cartilage damage. Our specialised orthopaedic surgeons use various cartilage therapy procedures to preserve the joint as long and as far as possible. This foot operation or ankle operation almost exclusively involves arthroscopic minimally invasive procedures.

Specialised treatment of diabetic foot syndrome

Diabetic foot syndrome is a complex disease with multiple causes. The often protracted therapy therefore requires specialists. Our expert team of surgeons, diabetologists, radiologists and vascular specialists work closely with wound therapists, physiotherapists and orthotists. If conservative therapy is unsuccessful, foot surgery becomes necessary and is carried out gently using minimally invasive techniques wherever possible.

First-class specialists for the foot and ankle

The foot and the ankle carry us through life in the true sense of the word; they are among the most strained joints in our body. If you suffer from foot pain or foot injuries, you should therefore consult an expert: Our orthopaedics department in Neustadt on the Baltic Sea has repeatedly been named one of the "Top National Hospitals for Orthopaedics” in Germany by FOCUS magazine.

Orthopaedics for sports and accident injuries

Acute sports and accidental injuries to the foot and ankle should be treated quickly by competent specialists in order to prevent permanent foot pain or secondary conditions. Our experts – orthopaedic surgeons and trauma surgeons – specialise in foot surgery and ankle surgery following such traumas.

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Your specialists for the foot and ankle for Neustadt, Kiel and Lübeck

Our specialists at our Foot and Ankle Centre in Neustadt on the Baltic Sea will look after all your foot and ankle complaints – competently and always with the objective of achieving the optimal treatment for you. In doing so, they work closely with experts from other areas.