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Your specialists for conditions of the digestive system on the Baltic Sea

Complaints in the centre of the body can have many causes and require specialists who can treat you optimally for stomach pain, abdominal pain, liver diseases and bowel diseases, for example. You are in good hands as a patient at our Centre for the Digestive System on the Baltic Sea: In addition to general surgeons, our interdisciplinary team of specialists also includes experts for the organs in the abdomen (visceral surgeons), the gastrointestinal tract (gastroenterologists) and the rectum (proctologists). We have particular expertise in the minimally invasive surgical treatment of gastrointestinal and tumour diseases. In specialised consultations, our experts take time for you to find the individually optimal treatment for your digestive system complaints. This also includes detailed and comprehensive diagnostics in cooperation with the radiology department. 

Interdisciplinary treatment of bowel diseases

At our Specialist Centre for the Digestive System, our surgical specialists have set up a Bowel Centre together with experts in internal medicine. As a patient with a benign bowel disease, gastrointestinal disease or even malignant tumours of the abdominal organs, you benefit from the professional expertise of our specialists from both medical departments. Internists, gastroenterologists, general surgeons, visceral surgeons and proctologists will look after you individually throughout your entire course of treatment. Wherever possible, gentle minimally invasive techniques (keyhole surgery) are used for surgical procedures.

Interdisciplinary cancer treatment

Our Specialist Centre for the Digestive System for the Neustadt, Kiel and Lübeck region specialises in treating patients with cancer. At our Tumour Centre, our general and visceral surgeons work closely with our internists and specialists in oncology, radiology, pathology and radiotherapy. Their mutual goal: To provide you with comprehensive and individual treatment and thus achieve the best possible treatment outcome.

Minimally invasive surgery on the digestive system

Our experts at the Specialist Centre for the Digestive System are internationally experienced specialists in the field of gentle keyhole surgery. They regularly pass on their special minimally invasive surgical techniques to numerous international teams of surgeons, who visit our specialist centre on the Baltic Sea every year for further training purposes.

Your hernia specialists for Neustadt, Kiel and Lübeck

At our Hernia Centre, our specialists will treat you for all types of hernias – whether inguinal, incisional or umbilical hernias, complex abdominal wall defects or recurrent hernias after previous operations. We have particular expertise in minimally invasive surgical techniques. These gentle procedures enable you to recover swiftly, so that you can quickly return to your professional and private everyday life and even do sports again.

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Your gastroenterologists and other specialists for the digestive system on the Baltic Sea

Our specialists for the digestive system treat you in an interdisciplinary manner with a proven high level of competence. Whether you need an expert in gastroenterology, general surgery, visceral surgery, or an internist – at our Specialist Centre for the Digestive System, these experts work hand-in-hand to provide you with the ideal treatment.