Stroke – our treatment

A stroke, also known medically as an ischemic stroke, is an absolute emergency that requires immediate medical treatment. Because: The earlier adequate stroke treatment begins, the greater the chances that no or minor restrictions or disabilities remain.

Schoen Clinic Neustadt has a specialised Stroke Unit certified by the specialist association, in which stroke patients can be treated around the clock by an interdisciplinary team of experts. If lysis therapy, i.e. dissolving the blood clot (thrombus) using drugs, is not successful or not possible, our neuroradiological specialists can also surgically remove the thrombus using a catheter (thrombectomy).

Schoen Clinic Neustadt is the only institution in the entire district that can offer such specialised stroke therapy. For you, this means medical care at the highest level, which enables the best possible further prognosis.

If you or your relative require further help after a stroke, for example in the event of depression that often occurs afterwards or if you have questions about a healthy diet after a stroke, we will support you in arranging appropriate services.

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods

General information about Stroke

A stroke often changes the lives of those affected very much. More information about the causes, symptoms and diagnosis can be found here.