Epilepsy – our treatment

Epilepsy is the most common neurological condition in Germany. It can have various manifestations, ranging from focal seizures without any loss of consciousness to potentially life-threatening seizures requiring immediate emergency treatment. Although the exact triggers of the epilepsy are still not known exactly, there are very effective therapies to treat your epilepsy and to avoid or minimise negative consequences. Our experienced team at Schoen Clinic Neustadt, consisting of several epileptologists and medical technical assistants (MTAs) as well as specially trained nursing staff and therapists, specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy. On our state-of-the-art epilepsy monitoring unit, we have the possibility of deriving the EEG over several days in order to be able to confirm or exclude the diagnosis of epilepsy. As a rule, your epilepsy treatment is based on drugs to control or prevent seizures. In some people, epilepsy is difficult to treat and can only be treated using several drugs. In this case, a complex treatment for epilepsy with the use of a multimodal team of therapists and consultants can be useful. If a drug-based therapy does not help sufficiently against your epileptic seizures, a surgical intervention can be an alternative treatment. Our experts will advise you in detail and refer you to appropriate specialists. 

Conservative treatment methods

General information about Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a chronic disease caused by the brain. Learn more about the causes & symptoms of epilepsy.