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Treating neurological conditions professionally and comprehensively

Whether you come to us as an emergency neurological patient or as a patient with a chronic neurological condition: In the neurology department of our specialist centre on the Baltic Sea, you will be treated and cared for by our specialists in a professional and interdisciplinary manner. Our range of services includes, for example, diagnosis and treatment for strokes, epilepsy and neuromuscular disorders such as polyneuropathy, dementia and multiple sclerosis. Particular expertise distinguishes our neurology department in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, which takes place in our certified specialised Parkinson’s clinic. An exact and comprehensive neurological examination forms the basis for your therapy. Due to the interdisciplinary exchange between our neurologists and our experts from cardiology, vascular surgery and radiology, as well as orthopaedic surgeons and spinal surgeons, you can be sure that you will receive the best care at our specialist neurology centre.

Certified specialised Parkinson’s clinic

Our goal is to maintain your quality of life as a Parkinson’s patient to the greatest possible extent for as long as possible through optimal, individual therapy. Our team of experts at our certified Parkinson’s clinic specialises in treating this chronic neurological condition. A special focus – in collaboration with our colleagues from spinal surgery and orthopaedics – is the care of Parkinson’s patients with back and joint complaints.

Certified special unit for stroke treatment

Our neurology department is also well prepared for emergencies such as strokes: An experienced, interdisciplinary team of neurologists, trained nursing staff and therapists is available for you around the clock in our certified special unit (Stroke Unit).

Focus on epilepsy treatment

In our interdisciplinary team, specialists in neurology, epileptology, neurophysiology and radiology work together with specially trained therapists and nurses to treat you as an epilepsy patient comprehensively and holistically. We have special diagnostic equipment at our disposal for this, such as video EEG monitoring.

Comprehensive diagnosis of neuromuscular disorders

The diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nerves and muscles is a major focus of our neurology department, which has developed into one of the largest centres for the treatment of neuromuscular disorders in northern Germany. We have at our disposal all neurophysiological examination procedures as well as special laboratory diagnostics and medical technology.

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Your neurologists in the Neustadt, Kiel and Lübeck region

Our specialists for neurology at our specialist centre on the Baltic Sea are nationally and internationally renowned experts for the treatment of neurological conditions. Together with colleagues from other specialist areas, they work on providing you with individual and optimal treatment.