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Parkinson specialised clinic in Munich

Parkinson’s - we are here for you

We are a certified, specialist Parkinson’s clinic and, with around 1600 patients per year, one of the largest certified specialist Parkinson’s clinics in German-speaking countries. As a specialised centre, in addition to a reliable diagnosis, we offer you a comprehensive range of treatment options according to the newest scientific findings.

Our experience and specialisation for your quality of life

Well thought-out treatment concepts - customised for you

Parkinson’s has many faces and presents with a wide variety of symptoms. No illness is the same as another, so every patient has his or her own story. Our experienced team of consultants, therapists and nurses/Parkinson’s nurses provide a wide variety of well though-out treatment concepts for the optimum, customised therapy for each individual patient. As a result of the long-term and personal care of our patients, we are able to adapt the therapy at Schoen Clinic in München Schwabing to the respective living situation, personal goals and the progression of the disease. Whether by adjusting medications dosages, activating therapies or the provision of aids.

Everything under one roof

  • Outpatient / research outpatient treatment: Second or third opinion, comprehensive consultation, progress control of patients, participation in studies
  • Day clinic: Come to the clinic for therapy and treatment and live at home.
  • Inpatient treatment: New medications or adjusted dosages, Parkinson’s complex treatment, medication pumps, definition of indications and adjusting deep brain stimulation

Medications for Parkinson’s therapy

The adjusting the dosage of medication for Parkinson’s requires a lot of experience on the attending consultant’s part. Our competent team of specialists has been familiar with all of the effects and side effects of Parkinson’s medication for many years and will accompany you with care through all of the phases of new medications or adjusted dosages.

Activating parkinson therapies

Activating therapies

Our specialists in the therapeutic departments

  • Physiotherapy and physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech and swallowing therapy
  • Neuropsychology

have many years of experience in treating Parkinson’s and movement disorders and will accompany you on the path toward finding the optimum solution for you. With plenty of dedication and empathy, we are always searching for even more and improved therapeutic options. As a result, pioneering therapies and aids, for instance the München anti-freeze training and forearm walker, which is used particularly for stooped posture due to rigour, were developed at Schoen Clinic in München Schwabing. New technologies such as virtual worlds are used and therapies which have proven useful in studies such as dancing, yoga and Thai Chi are part of the standard program.

Medication pumps and deep brain stimulation

If fluctuating effects of pills can no longer be controlled, we will consult with you regarding further options such as pump systems and deep brain stimulation. Many of our patients have regained new quality of life with these systems.

Parkinson’s nurses: Specialised Parkinson’s nurses with a lot of experience

Several of our nurses possess the additional “Parkinson’s Nurse” qualification. They have completed special training and, in cooperation with our specialist consultants, provide support with respect to questions and uncertainties regarding the fluctuating effects of medications, off and on phases, involuntary movements (dyskinesia) and a potential change in personality as well as handling the many Parkinson’s medications with medication pumps and deep brain stimulation. Schoen Clinic in München Schwabing is also a training centre for the additional “Parkinson’s Nurse” qualification.

Video-supported therapy

For patients who do not want to or cannot come to our clinic for any number of reasons, we offer video-supported therapy in cooperation with resident neurologists. Your movement pattern is filmed at home by the patient at specific times and a resident neurologist can view the videos. Chief Consultant Dr. Andrés Ceballos-Baumann and senior consultants Dr. Michael Messner are available to consult with the resident consultants.

Information, exchange and cooperation with the Deutsche Parkinson Vereinigung e.V.

As a special offer, the Parkinson’s experts at Schoen Clinic in München Schwabing offer monthly Parkinson’s information events in cooperation with the Deutsche Parkinson Vereinigung e.V. and a public Parkinson’s support group for relatives under the supervision of the neuropsychology department. Information, exchange and mutual support is important and helpful to our patients and their relatives in everyday life.