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Ambulance for movement disorders (authorisation ambulance)

The ambulance for movement disorders is run by chief physician Prof. Dr. Andres Ceballos-Baumann and senior physicians Dr. Michael Messner and covers the entire range of movement disorders. Our focus is on Parkinson's disease, restless legs syndrome (RLS), dystonia, other motion problems as well as deep brain stimulation (brain pacemakers, THS). Botolinum toxin therapy is also offered.

Appointments can be arranged for patients of all health insurance providers by telephone at 089 36087-0 or via our contact form.

Private ambulance Prof. Ceballos-Baumann and Dr. Fietzek

Special consultation hours for Parkinson’s disease, movement disorders, dystonias, deep brain pacemakers, botulinum toxin (BOTOX) therapy.

Appointments are exclusively for private patients by arrangement via our contact form or by phone +49 89 36087-0.

Special consultation deep brain stimulation

Do you use a brain pacemaker as therapy and are you looking for competent and long-term medical support? Then the experts in our special consultation for deep brain stimulation are the right choice for you. We will provide you with the comprehensive assistance you need. Among other things, we regularly undertake the necessary readjustments or adjustments of the parameters of your neurostimulator.

Our offer applies to patients of all health insurance providers. Appointments can be made by telephone at +49 89 36087-0 or via our contact form.