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Our consultation hours

Outpatient for movement disorders (authorisation outpatient)

The outpatient department for movement disorders is headed by Chief Consultant Prof. Dr. Andres Ceballos-Baumann and Senior Consultant Dr. med. Michael Messner. The outpatient department covers the entire range of movement disorders. Our focus is on Parkinson's disease, restless legs (RLS), dystonia, other movement disorders and deep brain stimulation (brain pacemakers, THS). Botolinum toxin therapy is also offered.

An appointment is possible for patients of all health insurances.

Appointments available only upon agreement via our contact form or by phone +49 89 36087-0.

Private outpatient treatment Prof. Ceballos-Baumann and Dr. Fietzek

Special consultation hours for Parkinson’s disease, movement disorders, dystonias, deep brain pacemakers, botulinum toxin (BOTOX) therapy.

Appointments exclusively for private patients by arrangement via our contact form or by phone +49 89 36087-0.

Speak to our social service

Our social pedagogues offer patients and relatives comprehensive psychosocial and social law advice and support. A core question is: How can life continue under the best possible circumstances for patients and relatives after the hospital or rehabilitation? With our technical competence and oriented on your individual needs, we support you in clarifying and coping with your personal and social life situation and help you develop new future perspectives if necessary. Oriented on the principles of holism and help to help oneself, we offer information, counselling and organisation.

Appointments by arrangement.

Social services

  • Ensuring aftercare: Arranging outpatient aids, support when looking for new types of housing, e.g. handicapped accessible apartment, support when looking for facilities for intermediate or permanent care
  • Initiation of secondary rehabilitation measures
  • Support with respect to legal and financial claims: Information and consulting regarding benefits according to social laws, e.g. nursing insurance, social assistance, Disabilities Act, help with submitting applications, finding counselling centres
  • Initiation of occupational rehabilitation: Initiation of phased reintegration, advice regarding internal implementation at work and services to participate in work life, cooperation with employers, employment agencies and specialist integration services