Tremor – our treatment

The involuntary, rhythmic, oscillatory movement of one or more parts of the body, called tremor, can occur either in isolation or as a symptom of a condition (for example, Parkinson’s disease or essential tremor) and manifests itself in various forms. If the symptoms persist over a longer period of time, it is best to contact our highly qualified neurologists at Schoen Clinic München Schwabing, who specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of tremor.
On the basis of a detailed interview with you, various tests and other examinations, we will analyse your tremor, get to the bottom of the causes and, on this basis, put together an individual treatment plan for you. This usually consists of a combination of special physiotherapy, occupational therapy exercises and medication, which we tailor exactly to your situation.
Under certain circumstances, the option of neurostimulation in the form of deep brain stimulation may be appropriate for the treatment of your tremor. You will be fitted with a brain pacemaker in an operation. We would be happy to clarify this option for you and provide you with comprehensive advice.

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods

Special consultation hours deep brain stimulation

If you have a brain pacemaker because of your tremor, we offer our special deep brain stimulation consultation hours to provide you with continuous care after the operation. Here, we regularly make the necessary adjustments or settings of the parameters of your brain pacemaker.

General information about Tremor

A tremor can occur as a symptom of a disease. It can also become a disease itself. More about the causes & symptoms here.