Polyneuropathy – our treatment

Polyneuropathy is a condition of the peripheral nervous system, which is based on the disrupted transmission of stimuli due to damage to several nerves. The symptoms are diverse and the exact clarification of the triggers of polyneuropathy is usually very difficult. At Schoen Clinic München Schwabing, our experts will be happy to help you with this.
We aim to use careful diagnostics to identify the treatable causes in the best possible way in order to initiate consistent treatment of the underlying condition. Because: In most cases, polyneuropathy is the consequence or sign of another condition (for example diabetes). Whether your polyneuropathy is treatable and whether it affects your life expectancy depends entirely on the causing condition.
In addition, we can treat certain symptoms in a targeted manner, for example with pain management, physiotherapy, medication or a change in your diet.

Conservative treatment methods

General information about Polyneuropathy

In polyneuropathy, several nerves are damaged. Information and help about the causes and symptoms of polyneuropathy can be found here.