Multiple sclerosis (MS) – our therapy

The course of multiple sclerosis differs greatly from case to case. Although life expectancy is barely reduced statistically, there is often a considerable impact on quality of life. However, the course and symptoms of multiple sclerosis can be crucially influenced by therapy. Our specialised neurologists in Munich Schwabing are happy to be your expert contact persons to provide the right treatment. Based on a comprehensive diagnosis, we will work out an individual therapy for you that takes both physical and psychological aspects into account. This includes the treatment of acute relapses, therapeutic decisions on the use of course-modifying medication, and symptom-oriented treatment (for example, for spasticity, fatigue or bladder problems) with activating and medication therapies. We determine all of the measures in close cooperation with you after an in-depth clarification and consultation.

Conservative treatment methods

General information about Multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a disease of the central nervous system. Find out more about causes, symptoms & diagnostics here.