Gait disorders – our therapy

Gait disorders occur more frequently with increasing age and are therefore often dismissed as a side effect of ageing. Mostly, however, gait disorders are neurological in nature and can be treated. To exactly classify your neurological gait disorders, we recommend that you consult an expert at an early stage. The highly qualified consultants in our neurology department in Munich specialise in diagnosing and treating neurological gait disorders. We analyse your walking impairments in detail and can thus determine the extent to which certain functions of your brain or nerves are restricted and, consequently, the cause of your gait disorders. This enables us to draw up a treatment plan tailored to your needs, which ranges from activating therapies such as special exercises and gait training to the use of medication and special aids.
We particularly specialise in gait disorders in neurodegenerative conditions (including Parkinson’s disease, PSP, MSA), but also in normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH) or in combination with postural problems.
Our top priority is always to provide you with more confidence when walking and thus a better quality of life. 

Conservative treatment methods

Treating your blockade with Munich anti-freezing training (MAFT)

If your gait disorders result in blockade, called freezing, we apply Munich anti-freezing training (MAFT). This very special physiotherapeutic training was developed by our experts at Schoen Clinic München Schwabing to help you overcome the blockade and avoid it in the future. 

General information about Gait disorders

Gait disorders occur frequently, especially in old age. Find out which causes & symptoms can cause gait disorders.