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In the event of neurological conditions in Munich, we are there for you on both a professional and a human level

Our neurology department at Schoen Clinic München Schwabing offers a broad spectrum of treatments for acute or chronic conditions of the brain and nerves. During a neurological examination, we closely examine your symptoms and painstakingly get to the bottom of the causes. 
From acute treatment of Parkinson’s disease to long-term neurological early rehabilitation and rehabilitation measures, for example after a stroke – you can rely on intensive care from our competent team. Thanks to our neurologists’ years of experience with treatment methods that integrate the latest research findings, you are in the best hands with us with your neurological condition. With our individual and diverse treatment options, we cater to your special needs and do everything in our power to achieve the greatest possible quality of life for you in the long term. It is just as important to us to be there for you with a great deal of understanding and empathy as it is to have first-class technical competence.
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Certified specialised Parkinson’s clinic in Munich

Our neurologists use innovative forms of therapy at our specialised Parkinson’s hospital, which is renowned both nationally and internationally. In doing so, we focus on an individual mix of treatment with medication, activating therapies and care. We treat around 1,600 patients with Parkinsonian syndromes each year in day clinics and full inpatient hospitals. In addition, around 2,000 patients with Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders attend our outpatient clinic – often for a second or third medical opinion. The repeated award as Top National Parkinson’s Hospital by the german magazine "Focus-Health" certifies the high level of quality at our neurological hospital.

Rehabilitation at the highest level

Severe injuries or conditions of the nervous system are complex and require specific, interdisciplinary treatment concepts. From speech and swallowing therapy to muscle building and exercise programs – with the help of state-of-the-art technologies, we offer you the best opportunities for early mobilisation as part of neurological early rehabilitation. But we also have long-term rehabilitation measures ready for you – always tailored to your individual situation. The german magazine "Focus-Health" confirms the high quality of our facility with our award as Top Neurology Rehabilitation Hospital.

Day clinic treatment

With our day clinic service in the heart of Munich, you can combine the advantages of an intensive neurological treatment programme including optimal medical care with staying in your local environment. Our day clinic has two special treatment focuses especially for Parkinson’s disease and dementia. But even if you have multiple sclerosis or other neurological conditions, you are in good hands with our highly qualified neurologists.

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Your neurologists in Munich

Our neurology experts at Schoen Clinic München Schwabing have many years of experience in the treatment of neurological conditions and enjoy an excellent reputation – both nationally and internationally. With the utmost professional competence, a great deal of passion and human intuition, we will be happy to assist you and devise a tailor-made therapy for you.