Registering for Admission

We will support you so your stay starts without problems

Our patient service will gladly help you with any issues regarding registration, insurance, elective services, billing, co-pays, accommodation of companions.

Admission options

Registration for inpatient admission

The admissions process varies in the different specialist centres.

The following, however, applies to all: We accept patients from all health insurance companies or private health insurance companies, as well as financial assistance authorities, for inpatient treatment.

Our patient management department will gladly help you clarify any issues.

Admission for acute neurological treatment

Prerequisite for inpatient admission for acute care

  • Hospital admission order from your treating consultant
  • or Hospital admission order from the treating clinic
  • or a written cost assumption declaration from your cost carrier (e.g. insurance company, pension insurance or aid authority).

Our Patient Management Team is happy to answer your questions. Contact us by phone or using the online service.

Neurological early rehabilitation and care for persons with severe traumatic brain injuries

Admission is usually clarified between the consultants. The cost assumption must be clarified in advance by all cost carriers, with few exceptions.

Our Patient Management Team is happy to answer your questions. Contact us by phone or using the online service.

Kontakt für Zuweiser - Anmeldung Ihrer Patienten

Möchten Sie aus einer laufenden Klinikbehandlung einen Patienten zur Neurologischen Frührehabilitation (Phase B) anmelden? Bitte laden Sie sich hierzu die u.g. Anmeldeformulare herunter und faxen diese an uns durch. Unsere Fax-Nummer lautet: +49 89 36087-2633. Den Direkt-Kontakt zum Clearing-Arzt finden Sie in unserem Formular.

Statutory Additional Payment

For patients with statutory health insurance who are at least 18 years old and are not exempt from additional payments, legislature specifies that an additional payment of 10 Euros has to be paid for every inpatient treatment day for a maximum of 28 calendar days per year. Please pay the co-pay after receiving the invoice after your inpatient stay. We will then pass on the payment to your health insurance company.

Extras for your stay

Do you want to add special services to make your stay at the hospital more comfortable? Feel free to get information about what our private hospital has to offer or book additional comfort services and other services yourself as a self-payer.

Admission to the day clinic / partial inpatient treatment

What you need:

  • A hospital referral or
  • An admission order from your general practitioner

You can find more information and contact options on the day clinic’s website.