Our Therapy Concepts

Whether rehabilitation after surgery, conservative therapy or health-oriented prevention: Here at our facility in Munich Harlaching, you will receive the optimum therapy for you and customised training units. In addition to improving mobility and function, the focus is also on reducing pain and improving autonomy in everyday life.

Brucker Biofeedback Methode® (BBFM®)

The biofeedback method from Prof. Dr. Brucker, helps people with nerve damage targetedly reactivate their muscles. The otherwise unnoticed muscles movement is thus made visible or palpable via nerve cells. Missing or weak paths in the nervous system can be precisely identified and trained.

Child-oriented treatment to improve deficits.
The nervous system commands in the children we treat do not reach or only partially reach the muscles as a signal which results in paralysis and spasms. Accordingly, the boys and girls cannot fully utilise or gain full control of their hands or feet.
We want to help improve deficits and provide the children any support we can. Our paediatric and neuro-orthopaedics department has been specialised in treating children with movement disorders for a long time.
Our experienced and multi-disciplinary team provides child-oriented treatment with a holistic approach. Our spectrum includes both nerve-related causes and acute symptoms.

Occupational therapy

Illnesses and accidents often limit affected persons. Even little limitations in the muscles or sensitivity make movements that otherwise seem completely normal more difficult. In occupational therapy, patients learn how to manage their everyday lives themselves.

Feldenkrais method

With Feldenkrais, you will get back to your natural posture and fundamentally expand your movement options in individual or group treatment sessions. In a wide variety of lessons, you will assess your movement habits and learn to differentiate between useful and straining movements. You can release excess tension and decrease stress. You “listen” to your body and feel what is good for you.

Manual therapy

Manual therapy aims are reducing joint pain and solving mobility limitations. Via an empathetic diagnosis, our therapists will find the blockage resulting in the the joint pain and will provide the crucial impulses, by means of targeted movements of the joint, to release the blockage.

Special pain therapy for the support and musculoskeletal system

To reduce or even stop pain in the musculoskeletal system, we create a customised treatment concept for you. Various treatments may be considered: From computer-controlled back training to extracorporeal shock wave therapy through to gait training on an anti-gravity treadmill, we offer you a wide range of options.

Sport therapy and physiotherapy

Movement is always good for you and can help during treatment in a number of ways: In movement therapy, people learn how to perceive their bodies in a positive way. Patients can get active here and develop trust in their bodies, completely without performance pressure. The therapists utilise a variety of methods to optimally take the respective patient’s needs into account.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy includes all treatment forms, collectively, that use physical effects such as heat, light or water, to relieve or heal pain. This includes, for instance, massage, heat wrapping or stimulation current applications.


In different types of physiotherapy, we strengthen patients’ muscles, mobilise their joints and improve posture. Patients learn exercises that they can regularly carry out later without a therapist in order to live without pain long-term.


Die Osteopathie ist eine eigenständige, ganzheitliche Form der Medizin, in der Diagnostik und Behandlung mit den Händen erfolgen. Sie betrachtet den Menschen als eine Einheit, in der alle Körperbereiche in Verbindung stehen. Das Ziel ist, die
selbstregulierenden Mechanismen Ihres Organismus anzuregen. Die Osteopathie ist für alle Altersgruppen geeignet.