Treatment methods

We give your child the time it needs

Our doctors, nurses, therapists, social education workers, psychologists and teachers at Schoen Clinic give your child what it now needs most: time and attention. Using a mix of different therapies, we address your child's individual needs during rehabilitation, offering them the best possible treatment. 

Conservative treatment methods

Stroke in children: therapy

Depending on their individual symptoms, we provide your child with the best physiotherapy and occupational therapy, as well as speech therapy if they have problems speaking and swallowing.

Stroke in children: Treatment with medication

If your child has developed spastic paralysis, we frequently use the Botulinum toxin. This medication allows the paralysis to be released. 

"Hemi-intensive camps"

In our three-week "Hemi-intensive camps", we put together a group of several children with hemiplegia. Together, we then work intensively on their problems in order to achieve an improvement in their paralysis. This is carried out on an individual basis and in groups.