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Back treatment from diagnostics to spine surgery

Back pain is spread throughout virtually all industrialised countries. Between 65 and 85 percent of the population are affected. There are many causes, including simple muscle tension, herniated discs and severe bone changes. In our Spine Centre in Munich, globally recognised experts in spinal surgery work hand in hand.

Schoen CliniC Back Institute München

Our Back Institute is part of Schoen Clinic Hamburg München Harlaching. The advantages of this cooperation are obvious: If a patient does, in fact, require surgery due to their back pain, our hospital offers them the most modern surgical options and the best spinal surgeons. Right after the operation, the patient can complete rehabilitation at our training and therapy centre.

Schön Klinik Tagesklinik Wirbelsäule: Ambulant – aber intensiv

Die Tagesklinik Wirbelsäule in München stellt eine Schnittstelle zwischen einem vollstationären Aufenthalt und einer ambulanten Behandlung dar. Sie ermöglicht Ihnen eine sehr intensive, multimodale Therapie in unseren Klinikräumen. Ihre Abende und Wochenenden verbringen Sie zuhause in Ihrem persönlichen Umfeld.

Medical care

A national and international example

In our Spine Surgery Department in Munich, globally recognised experts work hand in hand. Prof. Dr. H. Michael Mayer and his Senior Consultant colleagues Dr. Andreas Korge, Prof. Dr. Christoph Siepe and Dr. Christoph Mehren have gained an excellent reputation, even at an international level, by developing numerous surgery techniques and special tools for spinal surgery. Visiting doctors from all over the world regularly come to our hospital to find out about these techniques.
Numerous modern surgery techniques and special tools were developed in this context in our hospital. We use this expertise every day for our patients. The range of our treatment options includes precise diagnostics, conservative and semi-invasive treatments as well as minimally invasive procedures and outpatient rehabilitation. After you have been discharged, our consultants are still here for you - even outside agreed follow-up treatment appointments.

Minimally invasive surgery and gentle procedures

We particularly focus on micro surgery and minimally invasive surgery. Using a surgery technique that is particularly gentle on the tissue, small cuts are made during procedures that used to result in serious scar formation and long periods of follow-up treatment. Now, they are much safer and gentler. This means that patients are active again more quickly and they can take more strain during everyday activities.

Follow-up Care and Rehabilitation

We work closely with our sister hospitals and the associated Outpatient Rehab Centre in our building. For rehabilitation, we refer our patients to experienced therapists. A close professional exchange and short communication paths as well as personal contact with the colleagues who will continue to treat you, are a great advantage for our patients and the prerequisites for the best possible treatment success.