Contact and Consultation Hours

Competent point of contact for your matters

Are you interested in our range of treatments or would you like information about outpatient care? Do you have questions for a doctor, our offices or our administration? Please contact us. 

Our consultation hours


9 am - 4 pm

Tuesday and Wednesday

 8 am - 4 pm


9 am - 4 pm


8 am - 12 pm

Appointment by phone

Monday to Thursday

7 am - 6 pm


7 am - 3 pm

What you need for your introductory appointment:

  • Inpatient hospitalisation for publicly insured patients (obtained from your general practitioner or orthopaedist)
  • Your health insurance card (chip card)
  • Previous findings from your doctor such as X-rays, CT and MRI scans
  • Currently required orthopaedic aids
  • List of current medications

Emergency Department

In the case of orthopaedic injuries or sports accidents of any kind, time plays a critical role. We therefore treat acute trauma around the clock without advanced scheduling at our emergency room in Munich.