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Centre for Hand and Elbow Surgery, Microsurgery and Plastic Surgery

One of the largest hand surgery specialist centres in Germany.

Centre for Diseases and Injuries of the Hand

Activities such as writing, dressing, cooking and speaking on the phone are not feasible without the full functionality of our hands.

Osteoarthritis, fractures and other injuries and diseases of the hand can, if not treated or treated incorrectly, lead to severe functional limitations.

We are one of the largest hand surgery specialist centres in Germany and have many years of experience in the treatment of diseases of the hand. We are one of the few hospitals in Germany to be certified as a European Hand Trauma Centre by the Federation of European Societies for the Surgery of the Hand (FESSH). Our specialists have many years of experience, both nationally and internationally, and offer you the best possible treatment for your symptoms.

Our hand surgery is also approved for the treatment of occupational injuries to the hand and elbow (Severe Injury Type Procedure Hand, "SAV Hand").

Medical Care

We have Expertise in Caring for your Hands

Our specialists treat the full range of hand surgery treatments. This includes, among other things, congenital deformities of the hand, wear and tear diseases, infections or rheumatism. We also offer emergency care in our central emergency room around the clock, 365 days a year. Our Head of Department Professor Kai Megerle is an internationally recognised hand surgeon and has many years of experience in hand surgery.

In particular, two areas are to be highlighted:

  • Surgery for injuries and diseases of the wrist and carpus, especially minimally invasive treatment of bones and ligaments.
  • Surgery under special anaesthesia with preserved finger mobility, the so-called WALANT technique (wide awake local anaesthesia no tourniquet). This means that you can move your hand and fingers during the procedure.
Expertise in caring for your hands.

Plastic Surgery, Microsurgery and Nerve Repair Surgery

We offer reconstructive microsurgery, i.e. the restoration of complex defects using special microsurgical techniques. Unhealing wounds on hands, but also on feet and other parts of the body can be treated successfully with these techniques. Our experts also treat nerve injuries, paralysis, spasticity, loss of sensation and chronic pain in the hand or wrist.

Modern Surgical Techniques and an Individualised Treatment

When performing hand surgery or plastic surgery, our experts only use the most modern and soft-tissue preservation surgical techniques. Our goal is always to relieve your pain and restore your hand’s movement and function.

Our experts will discuss with you the right treatment plan for you - which often means no surgery. Together with you, we will find the best treatment for your individual condition. Thanks to our many years of experience, you will receive a comprehensive treatment plan based on the latest clinical research and precisely tailored to your symptoms. As part of the comprehensive treatment, key elements for the hand surgery success are a comprehensive aftercare, an innovative wound management and a first-class nursing care. Because we know: If you feel well, you will recover faster.

Besides a successful operation, an optimal hand therapy is also important for achieving excellent outcomes. For your comfort, we offer this therapy at our location or if you prefer, we can put you in touch with a practice from our extensive practice network.

Modern Surgical Techniques and an Individualised Treatment for your Hand Injury.

World-class Hand Surgeons at Schoen Clinic München Harlaching

Our multidisciplinary team consists of experienced plastic surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons and trauma surgeons. All our senior doctors and consultants have the additional qualification in hand surgery. They have also obtained the prestigious diploma of the European Federation of Societies of Hand Surgeons.