Treatment options

  • Achilles tendon injuries

    Even the strongest tendon can be weakened. Our specialists have extensive knowledge of Achilles tendon injuries. After thorough diagnostics, you’ll receive precisely the right treatment for your Achilles tendon pain at Schoen Clinic. 
  • Ankle cartilage injuries

    Ankle cartilage injuries: when every step is painful, a cartilage injury may be the cause. If you have ankle pain, simply come to us at Schoen Clinic. We offer special foot consultation hours with our specialists.
  • Ankle joint arthrosis

    Ankle joint arthrosis: If you are suffering from ankle joint pain, this can indicate wear-related arthrosis. At Schoen Clinic, our foot specialists can treat your symptoms individually. So that you get back on your feet in no time.
  • Diabetic foot

    Do you have an open foot wound, which is healing only very slowly? This could be a diabetic foot, which absolutely must be treated early. Our specialists in Schoen Clinic offer you the optimal treatment to restore the function of your foot.
  • Flat foot and high arch

    A flat foot/high arch typically doesn’t cause any complaints. But if the deformity is becoming an issue, you’ll find experienced foot specialists at Schoen Clinic. We’ll make a precise diagnosis and adjust the treatment perfectly to your individual needs.
  • Hallux rigidus (Arthritis in toes)

    Pain in big toe? At Schoen Clinic, we have various treatment options for your foot pain. Our specialists fully tailor the treatment of your Hallux rigidus to you, according to your requirements.
  • Hallux valgus (Bunion)

    Hallux valgus – displacement of the big toe most often affects women. Our specialists at Schoen Clinic offer individual treatments to both relieve your foot pain and permanently remove your bunion.
  • Metatarsal fracture

    We have five metatarsal bones. If too much strain or incorrect pressure is applied to these, this can lead to a metatarsal fracture. At Schoen Clinic, we’re specialised in foot injuries. Following an accurate diagnosis, you’ll receive the best-possible treatment from us that will quickly get you back on your feet again. 
  • Torn ankle ligament

    Twisted your ankle? This could result in a ligament sprain but it could also be a ligament rupture. Our specialists provide a precise diagnosis and offer suitable therapy for your individual injury.