Shoulder arthritis – our treatment

Many people suffer from joint wear in the shoulder with advancing age. But surgery isn’t always necessary: If you are at an early stage of shoulder arthritis, also called omarthritis, conservative measures can help to slow down or even prevent the progression of joint wear. If pain persists or conservative treatments fail, shoulder surgery may be helpful. Our experienced shoulder surgeons operate as arthroscopically as possible, i.e. with what is known as the keyhole technique, in order to protect the joint and the surrounding tissue. If the implantation of an artificial shoulder joint or a complex replacement surgery is necessary, minimally invasive surgical procedures and the latest implants are used wherever possible.

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods

Maximum Treatment Endoprosthetics Centre

Schoen Clinic München Harlaching is certified as a “Maximum Treatment Endoprosthetics Centre” by the independent expert association EndoCert. This certification seal confirms the highest level of quality in care for patients with joint replacement. You can rely on the medical quality of our Shoulder Centre.

General information about Shoulder arthrosis

Everything about causes, symptoms and diagnosis of shoulder arthrosis. Quickly pain-free again thanks to our experienced arthrosis specialists.