Rotator cuff tear – our treatment

If you have been diagnosed with a tear in the rotator cuff, there will of course be different therapeutic approaches to consider based on the severity of the damage and extent of the shoulder injury. Selecting the right type of treatment depends on how the injury occurred, how much this restricts you and how much independence you have lost, among other things. Your age also plays an important role: For younger patients or more recent rotator cuff tears, the stability of your shoulder is typically restored through surgery. But because wear-related rotator cuff defects often occur in older people and sometimes only cause mild symptoms, extensive reconstruction will need to be carefully considered. This is adapted to your individual circumstances, your everyday requirements and your sporting activities.

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods (arthroscopic/open)

General information about Rotator cuff tear

A rotator cuff rupture is a tendon tear in the shoulder. Discover more about causes, symptoms and diagnosis.