Metatarsal fracture

We’ll help you move around again without irritation

A metatarsal fracture (metatarsal injury) isn’t unheard of in football. But it doesn’t just happen to athletes. An accident at home or rolling over your foot while running can cause your metatarsal bones to become fractured. Depending on which metatarsal bone is affected and how many, bleeding and severe swelling of the foot can occur alongside the metatarsal injury. This is typically very painful and you’ll also no longer be able to walk.

Our specialists at Schoen Clinic have many years of experience in treating foot injuries. Whether through conservative or surgical treatment, we’ll help you safely get back on your feet again.

Causes & symptoms

What makes up the metatarsal bones?

Your midfoot consists of five metatarsal bones that lie between your tarsus and your toes. Together with the tarsal bones, they make up the so-called Lisfranc joint. Your metatarsal bones end at the metatarsophalangeal joints (your toe joints). The toes and metatarsal bones are referred to as the forefoot. The metatarsal bones can shift towards one another to a slight extent, giving your forefoot good mobility and letting it adjust to uneven surfaces when walking or standing.


Diagnosis: how we determine a metatarsal fracture

For a precise diagnosis, our specialists will physically examine you in depth. We’ll also take X-ray images of your foot.