Meniscus damage - Our treatment

The goal of treatment for meniscus damage is to relieve your pain and restore joint function. 
Minor damage or tears in the outer zone of the meniscus, well supplied with blood, can often be treated without surgery with conservative measures. These include, for example, anti-inflammatory painkillers or special physiotherapy. In close cooperation with our colleagues in the therapy and training centre, or rather, with our resident colleagues, we create a treatment plan that is optimally adapted to your needs.
Should an operative therapy be necessary for you, this is usually done by means of gentle arthroscopic surgical techniques. The type, location and circulation of the damage will determine whether your meniscus is sewn or the affected area needs to be removed and smoothed. In most cases, conservation of the meniscus is possible in the current state of the art.

Conservative treatment methods

Surgical treatment methods

General information about Meniscus damage

Excessive strain or age-related wear and tear - find out here how meniscus damage occurs and how it is diagnosed.